High Peak Tents

A pioneering outdoor shelter solution designed for maximum portability and convenience, offering an innovative and space-efficient design that defies traditional

Car Parking Shades

Doom Shaped Car Shade

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Sail Shades

Swimming Pool Sail Shade

A popular and versatile choice for outdoor events and gatherings. These tents are characterized by their striking peaked roofs, which…


Your Portable Home Sweet Home.

Car Parking Shades

Shade Your Ride!

Security Fences

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We design and manufacture a wide range of products that redefine your outdoor living. From security and privacy fences and Gates, Elegant and Cooling shades, Spacious and cozy tents, we got you covered.

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Services & Installations

Shaping Outdoor Elegance

  • Car Parking Shades
  • Privacy Screen Fence
  • Clear View Fence
  • Canopies
  • Sail Car Shade

Car Parking Shades

Cantilevers Are innovative and functional structures designed to provide shelter and protection for vehicles in a sleek and modern way. Supported by a single or…

Our Car Parking Shades Installation Include :
  • Cantilevers
  • Doom shaped Car Shades
  • Sail carshade
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Privacy Screen Fence

A privacy screen fence section is a versatile and functional addition to your outdoor space. It provides a stylish and effective way to create a…

Our Installationc Include :
  • Privacy Screen Fence
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Clear View Fence

Our clear Diamond weldmesh ferice advantages, •Anti-climb, anti-cut, and 85%-90% see-thru •HD Galv and polyester coated for corrosion and rust resistance. •High to low-security fencing…

Our Installations Include :
  • Clear View Fence
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Are protective overhead coverings, often composed of various materials such as fabric, metal, or glass, designed to shield an area from the elements or provide…

Our Installations Include :
  • Canopies
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Sail Car Shade

Create outdoor shade based on the basic technology as a ship's sail Shade sails use a flexible membrane tensioned between several anchor points. While generally…

Our Car Parking Shades Include :
  • Cantilevers
  • Caved/doom shaped/arch design
  • Sail carshade
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    Shaping Outdoor Elegance

    Affordable Car Shades Installations

      Our affordable car shades installations offer a smart and cost-effective way to protect your vehicle from

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    Affordable Fence Installations

    Diamond Canopies is your trusted partner in elevating your outdoor experience. With over two decades of professional

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    Affordable Pergolas Installation

    Transform your outdoor space with our budget-friendly pergola installation services. Our team of experts will design and

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